Alampallam Agraharam


Alampallam old

Alampallam old is situated near the banks of River Gayathri which flows parallel to the village. Sri Chaithanya Mahaganapathi is the presiding deity of Alampallam old and the temple is situated in the middle of the village. 

THAIPOOSAM is celebrated on a grand scale for the past 49 years. Harikatha or upanyasam by erudite scholars is part of the festival apart from Ganapathi homam , Rudrabhishekam , Kramarchana , Kalabhabhishekam and Samaradhana. From the year 1983 onwards , a Homam is introduced in the religious schedule which is being continued uninterruptedly. Namasangeerthanam by veteran artists also found their place in the cultural columns which kept devotees spellbound till the end. 

VINAYAKA CHATHURTHI is yet another major celebration which is conducted for the last 44 years. At first , Chathurthi was celebrated for one day with Prathyaksha Ashtadravya Mahaganapathi Homam , Thirumanjanam , Kalabahabhishekam , Chathurthi oottu , Niramala and Procession of Utsavamoorthi in a decorated Goratham with a very very special Nadaswaram.

As years rolled , the festival gathered momentum and grew into a three-day affair. Now it is started with Ganapathi Homam and Bhagavathi Seva on the first day followed by Rudrabhishekam , Procession of three caparisoned elephants in the accompaniment of Panchavadhyam on the second day which did bring pomp and pageantry. The third and final day now have Gajapooja which attracts a lot of people which is performed immediately after the Prathyaksha Ashtadravya Mahaganapathi Homam on the eve of auspicious Vinayaka Chathurthi.

Sangadahara Chathurthi abhishekam and special poojas are performed every month. Devotees queue up for Sponsorship of this unique offering. The annual periodical celebration include Thiruvathira with procession of Utsavamoorthi in Goratham , Navarathri , Thrikarthika Deepam and Ushapooja during December-January.     

Alampallam Village 

Alampallam village runs parallel to the old village and the sprawling SREE BHOOMI SAMETHA SRI VARADARAJA PERUMAL TEMPLE is situated in the western end of the village.The upadevas of the temple consist  Vishwaksenan(Vinayaka) and Anjaneya. 
Poorna Pushkalambal sametha Sri Hariharaputhra swami temple at ‘vishnupadam’ is in the north-west direction of Perumal temple in the close proximity of river Gayathri. 

Sri Varadaraja Perumal the presiding diety of Alampallam was first installed beneath a great Banyan tree on the west end of the old village. The idol of Sri Varadaraja Perumal was supposed to be spotted by one washer man who was digging for water in the river bed during summer who struck on a rock-like material with his showel and unearthed this idol.

The villagers continued their offering under this Banyan tree which was the Moolasthanam of Lord Perumal. But things have changed when the water level in the Gayathri level raised alarmingly which posed a threat to the safety of the idol. The villagers sensing the danger rightly shifted the idol and installed it in the present temple and had a sigh of relief.As the idol of Perumal was first installed in the end of old village in the northern bank of river Gayathri, this village was known as Alampallam old which means 'OLD ABODE' of Lord Perumal. 

Radholsavam is celebrated during the malayalam month ‘Medom’(April-May). The car festival(Theru) kick started with ‘kodiyettam’ is followed by a lot of religious rituals in the coming nine days. Veda Parayanam, Kalabhabhishekam and Swami Ezhunnellathu (procession of Utsavamoorthi in goratham) in different ‘Vahanams’ is something very special. Sri Varadaraja Perumal and his consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi decorated colorfully make their ‘Gramapradhakshinam’ in the night. Beginning with ‘Vyali vahanam’ on the first day followed by ‘Anjaneya’,’Garuda’,’Adhishesha’,’Gaja’ and ‘Aswam’. The seventh day is marked by ‘Poonther’ in which Perumal visits the village in the early hours of that day. The first day event of the car festival commence from Kalabhabhishekam Vedaparayanasamapthi and Maha Deeparadhana and the well decorated deities (Utsavamoorthi) of Sribhoomi Sametha Sri Varadaraja Perumal and Chakrathazhavar are taken in Their cradles emit chanting of vedic hymns for Radharohanam. What follows Radharohanam is prasada oottu .The Radham procession starts in the evening and is taken to the Alampallam(old) village and is halted in front of Sri Chaithanya Mahaganapathi temple for the day. The second day of car festival commence from Ganapathi Homam,  Laksharchana, Kalabhabhishekam, Mahadeeparadhana and a grand feast in the noon. Return of the Radham start in the evening from old village to Varadaraja Perumal Temple. Both Radham reach there at dusk and Radhavarohanam is conducted in the midst of special nadhaswaram recital. To conclude the 10 day long Utsavam  the Deities are again taken back to the villages for manjaneer vilayattu. The chief priest performs Aarattu and Dwajavarohanam is done. A palak decorated with flowers and garlands with Deities are taken again to the villages which bring down curtains to the utsavam. The other main festivals are     Makara sankranti, Sri Rama Navami, Vishaka Pournami, Ashtami Rohini(Uriyadi), Ambum Villu, Navarathri, Sastha preethi, Thrikarthika and Usha pooja are some of the periodical celebrations of this temple. 


Ramanathapuram village is situated north-south from the eastern part of Alampallam. The presiding deity is Ramanathaswamy and consort Parvathavardhini Ambal as seen in the famous Rameshwaram Temple , Tamil Nadu. The updevas consist Mahaganapathi , Chandikeswarar , Kalabhairavar , Dakshinamoorthy , Suryanarayanan , Sri Murugan , Durga devi , Maha Vishnu , Navagraha ,Nagaraja and Sri Anjaneya Swami. Sivarathri and Navarathri are celebrated in a fitting manner. The other main periodical festival include , Annabhishekam , Usha pooja and Ardra Darsanam during Thiruvathira.